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Accounting Services

Too often business owners tell me they will wait to set up their accounting systems until they have positive cash flow, or until they’ve reached a particular monthly sales volume.  The reality is the time to start managing your money is NOW!  One of the top 5 reasons businesses fail is the lack of sound financial management.   As the saying goes, "you cannot manage what you are not measuring".   Sara J Bronson & Associates are here to help.  

With a passion for improving the success rate of small business, Sara J Bronson & Associates Accounting Services go well beyond basic bookkeeping by implementing an accounting department tailored to your business needs. 

We combine easy to use professional accounting tools, with an educational approach designed to help you move from confusion to clarity in making financial decisions, managing your business and achieving your goals.  Using our proven strategy, accounting systems are implemented in phases making accounting processes and tools easy to understand and embrace.  Questions are encouraged and accounting jargon and nomenclature is delivered with end-user accessibility. 

Phase I - focuses on getting to know you and your business.  We want to understand your business model and your most critical issues.  We identify your goals and take an assessment of where you are today.

Phase II – we get busy with system design and implementation.  Built on solid accounting practices we configure the accounting system to meet your unique business needs.  Services include accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, GL, financial statements, cash flow, document management, and more. 

Phase III - is where the real fun begins: using the tools. Financial reporting is the tool for measuring activities and managing success.  Our commitment is in teaching you how to read the reports and use them to manage your business.  We create an ongoing maintenance plan and develop key reports arming you with the tools to measure your progress and manage your success. 


Accounting services are priced based on your unique business situation and needs.  Whether you want it done for you or learn to do it yourself, we can design a system to meet your needs.   Click below to schedule a free consultation.


The Conscious Wealth Program combines Accounting Services with Money Coaching offering a complete program for building a long term, healthier relationship with your money.  The bundled program combines the essentials of knowing your numbers, (accounting), with knowing your story (money coaching), giving you tools and skills to truly transform your relationship with money.  You will have a plan for success and learn how to work with new habits, skills and professional tools to measure and manage your progress.  Moving from money chaos to money calm will give you the confidence to make decisions that ensure your success.

The time to start your new money relationship is now!  Click here to schedule a free strategy session.